Throwing the Perfect Backyard BBQ

Summer is here and that means every weekend is an open opportunity to fire up the grill for an awesome Backyard BBQ!

To help out, I’ve listed out 9 tips that are sure to make your BBQ one that will be remembered.

Here are some tips for success:

Have a Grill:

I know this seems like common sense but don’t throw a party unless you have a REAL GRILL. I’ve shown up to a BBQ only to see a George Foreman grill. This doesn’t count. If you don’t have a grill you shouldn’t throw a BBQ, period.

Invite some wildcards:

The Wildcard

We all know Mike, James and Jake are showing up, they’re your good friends! And maybe James will bring his girlfriend, she once told a fun story about eating food after midnight! But to really spice things up, invite your neighbor who has to blow into a breathalyzer to start his GTO. Download Tinder and invite all your matches. Reach out to your old high school teammate who is really into “gardening.” Could this go bad? Absolutely! But that’s what great stories are made of.

Have games ready to play:

Cornhole is fun, so is flip cup (especially if you utilize the Slip ‘N Slides)and quarters. You know what isn’t? Scrambling to find cards so you can play Ride the Bus for the 90th time.

Varied foods:

You don’t have to have a 7-course meal, but a few choices never hurt anybody. Burgers, hot dogs or chicken. You don’t have to buy a ribeye for everyone, but options are nice. Nobody likes the guy on the grill who says, “What do you want, chicken or chicken?!”

Super Soakers:

Kid in the pool with super soakers

Go to Walmart and get a couple of Super Soaker 150s and a Slip ‘n Slide. You’ve invited all these wildcards now it’s time to put water weapons in their hands. Plus, it’s hot and you don’t have a pool. How else are you supposed to stay cool?


There’s nothing worse than giving someone a freshly cooked burger and realizing the only condiments you have in the fridge are a few packets of year-old soy sauce. If you can’t afford new condiments, grab a few handfuls of ketchup next time you’re at Chick-fil-a. Their giant packets are the best!

Play music:

Another no-brainer constantly messed up. Make sure you have a couple of good speakers and play your favorite Spotify station. If you know one of your friends has bad music taste, don’t let them DJ. It’s impossible to make a playlist everyone will like, so just play what you like.

Don’t talk about work:

Yes, Monday you have to go back to your job cold calling an endless list of “prospects,” but it’s the weekend, and you can completely shut your phone off. Work sucks for everyone unless you work at Brewmasters.

Only well-behaved pets:

Everyone is overly attached to their pets these days. That’s fine, but you will likely be asked if pets are allowed from people whose pets are poorly behaved. If you think someones’ pet will be a nuisance, tell them he/she (the pet) can’t come and be honest why. Maybe, that will spur them to do a better job training.

So there it is. Now get out there and have fun. I’d love to tell you exactly how to cook, but that is an art and would take much more than a blog post. If you’d really like to see premium meats cooked to perfection, stop by Brewmasters and I’d be glad to show you how it’s done!